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Sunday, December 5, 2004

sunday bloody sunday

went to a really bad italian restaurant last night. Its located on the old school of Papagus, which i can't believe closed since i really liked its food. Can't remember the name, just three italian words. Don't think remembering it will need to be that important since i doubt it will be around that long.

The concept was simple enough-- have a fixed price menu sampler various italian cuisine along with your main course. the meats and cheese were OK, but everything else was very below average and the service was horrendous. Not only was it slow but the waitresses constantly matronized me. (example of matronization: "oh darling, since you waited so long i'll give you two pieces of bread.") A meal that started just after 8 didn't end until 11:30.

Beyond the crummy experience was my perception of the horrible business model. (This is probably my inner MBA speaking). We sat at a huge table so you could barely hear someone on the other side and were serviced by at least 5 or 6 different service personnell. If I covered the food service industry, i would downgrade this restaurant in a second. They make poor use of space, have too many wait staff and can't turn tables. Hopefully, this will enable the restaurant to go out of business even sooner. So if you are ever in chicago and are thinking about going to the new italian place on state and ontario, please think again.

On to happier thoughts-- big NFL day today. A bit scared because i like so many favorites today. But here goes nothing

- Minnesota -8 versus Chicago. Chad Hutchinson is starting at QB for the Bears. Read that last sentence again.

- Atlanta Pick versus Tampa. Mr. Vick and Mr. Crumpler with have Hotlanta partying. The bucs have been hot lately, mostly because of great play of Brian Griese. However, this was against teams like the Saints. if past experience means anything, then Bri will be choking big time against a good defense.

- Baltimore -7 versus Cincy. Todd Heap is back and Boller is playing quite well. I also have a funny feeling that Carson Palmer won't be putting up 58 against Ray Lewis. In fact, 58 yards might be an accomplishment. And if Chad Johnson tried to dance on Ray Lewis, we'll have a Jingle Brawl on our hands.


Anonymous said...

Ouch! I went the other way on all three. I also took San Diego and K.C. as my best bets. 8-5-2 vs the number. Who do you like this week, JB?

Mark said...

should be coming up soon. Don't like that many games this week.

tom naka said...

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